IN MY HEART: A Book Of Feelings

Author: Jo Witek

Illustrated by Christine Roussey

Age Group: 5-7

Language: English


My heart is full of feelings. Big feelings and small fellings. … My heart is like a house, with all these feelings living inside.

In My Heart explores a full range of feelings, using simple language to describe a range of emotions inside of a heart in a way that children can easily understand. Children will learn these new words and able to identify their feelings. With colourful illustrations and an attractive rainbow-coloured die-cut heart that through the whole book, this book got my six years old daughter’s attention. She read it again and again. She gives 5 stars.

I loved this book too. Simple and Charming.


We have designed a word search puzzle with the topic ” Feelings” that can be used for your kids to practice the vocabulary they have learnt from this book.

  • Expand your child’s vocabulary
  • Knowledge expansion
  • Topic focused
  • Enhance your child’s imagination
  • help children to understand their emotions


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