French cursive capital letter A

French Cursive Capital Letter A


French cursive handwriting is so beautiful. 

I feel proud of my daughter, Roxy’s handwriting, even though there is nothing to do with my contribution to making that happen. Her teacher likes to present her writing workbook as an example to show the whole classroom of her expectation regarding handwriting. 

Different from some families’ situations, my children willing to practise handwriting rather than asked by their parents. However, such likes only apply to English and French, not Chinese. Among the three languages she is learning, the cursive handwriting of French attracts her the most. Ana always likes to copy her older sister. When seeing Roxy doing such handwriting practice; she required to have some worksheet to do some exercise as well. 

As required by Ana, I started the search online and tried to find French Cursive Worksheets for her. Finding the right information and free stuff online is not always an easy task. After hours of searching and checking, I got tired, and finally decide to make those French Cursive Worksheets myself.  Here comes the first one – the Capital Letter A(La majuscule A). 

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