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Kids Linget is a must-go-to website to find online free learning resources for bilingual kids who is learning French and English. It also provides reviews of kids learning sites, kids learning courses, kids learning apps, kids learning games, kids learning video and books.

Besides of educational information for bilingual children, Kids Linget also shares parenting resources.

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Read our reviews and discover the best kids’ books for our growing readers.

Best free learning courses online for kids. Including all subjects and for all ages.

Best educational¬† apps and games to help with children’s learning.

Best educational  videos and children movies for kids to have fun.

Little More About Us

Improving Understanding & communicating in a respective & supportive way

Kids Linget envisions a diverse environment in which kids are respected and heard by a collaborative support community that organised by both kids and parents, who are strive to make a better environment for helping kids realise their potential, and help parents to improve their parenting skills.

What Parents Say

We were looking for educational resources for our growing children and information for parenting. It was not easy to find an appropriate website that has all the information handy. Fortunately, we have found Kids Linget and were pleasantly surprised. Kids Linget provides reviews of all educational resources for children; including books, e-courses, apps, games and videos. Their genuine reviews make the search much easier. Also, it provides free worksheets, printables and activity ideas.

Ryan Parker

I am really happy that I have found the Kidslinget website. There are some many learning resources free to use. Its Link Page has collected all the best free educational resources links for everyone to have easy access. I have bookmarked it, and it becomes the "go-to website" as a start point whenever I am looking for educational information for kids.

David Brown

KIDS Linget provides reviews for kids learning resources, including kids learning websites, kids books, kids learning apps, kids movies, and so on. Such insight information saves parents' time and helps in finding the right educational material and resources for kids.

Kim Martin

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